Arrow feather

Arrowfeather Animal Sanctuary (AFAS) is a non-profit, family run establishment, dedicated to bettering the lives of homeless, abandoned and orphaned animals.

Our sanctuary is built from our small New England homestead, our own sweat and tears, and our endless love of animals.

It started out as simply a family activity; we were known in town for being ‘those people with all the animals’. Anytime someone had a lamb that got rejected by its mother, or a litter of kittens in their garage we were the ones they called. In the meantime, we were always on the lookout for rescue pets from down south or even near bye in need of homes.

Then, one day, we decided to take it to the next level and set up a non-profit establishment. That way we could save more lives by not only taking in pets, but taking in all animals that we could re-home or supply with a haven for the time being.

So far, the Arrowfeather family has consisted of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep, goats, a pig, and many fish.

We are always open to taking in a pet in need or at least supplying its surrender with information on other wonderful organizations.

We take in pets, poultry and livestock of many different kinds either to find a home here with us, to take refuge on our property or to be cared for here until we can find them a new home.

We run solely on donations and personal funds, so any kind of contribution is greatly appreciated by us, but far more appreciated by our animals to whom it benefits!



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